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Label on reverse of frame: M. Rusling Wood, / Lithographer, / 218 William Street NY

Farmer with Pumpkin is listed as NCW Number 1318 in the Brandywine Museum’s N. C. Wyeth Catalogue Raisonné.

In a 1925 interview for the Ladies’ Home Journal, Wyeth reflected, “My brothers and I were brought up on a farm and from the time I could walk I was conscripted into doing every conceivable chore that there was to do about the place. This early training gave me a vivid appreciation of the part the body played in action.

“Now, when I paint a figure on horseback, a man plowing, or a woman buffeted by the wind, I have an acute bodily sense of the muscle-strain, the feeling of the hickory handle, or the protective bend of the head or a squint of eye that each pose involves. After painting action scenes I have ached for hours because of having put myself in the other fellow’s shoes as I realized him on the canvas.”

Ferry-Morse Seed Company, 1913
The Harris Moran Seed Company, Modesto, California, 1960

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