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After His First Hunt is recorded in the C. M. Russell Catalogue Raisonné as reference number CR.GLC.1.

A photocopy of a 1992 letter of authenticity by Ginger K. Renner will accompany the lot.

The letter states in part, “In my judgement, this watercolor is unquestionably an original work by Charles Marion Russell. Not dated, but circa 1896. This was the year of the artist’s marriage, an event which significantly influenced a number of the themes of his paintings, namely a series of charming, almost sentimental, domestic scenes.

“When Frederic G. Renner wrote a letter of authenticity on this same watercolor for a previous owner in 1979, he made the statement: ‘I would consider this watercolor of museum quality.’ Renner’s opinion of this work is still quite valid.”

According to Harold McCracken, “But Russell did not go to Italy to study under the great masters, nor did he go to any other art school, in Europe or anywhere else. Instead he chose a completely different course. He went to live with the Indians—not just as a casual visitor, but to live in their skin lodges as one of them. He rode Monte over the long trail that led north, beyond the Canadian border and into the land of the Bloods, a primitive band of the Blackfeet. These tribesmen had not yet been crushed under the white man’s heel of subjugation, as had their brothers on the reservations below the border.”

Ms. Maggie Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s first wife of 25 years), Pebble Beach, California, by 1992

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