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Piegan Hunting Party is recorded in the C. M. Russell Catalogue Raisonné as reference number CR.UNL.416.

According to author and Russell historian Rick Stewart, “The claim that Russell was entirely knowledgeable about his western subjects, along with the assertion that he had actually lived the life he painted (including time spent with the Indians), made Russell a big draw in the press. Part of Russell’s appeal as the self-taught Cowboy Artist was due to the public’s preference—also manifested in the press—for innate talent over skill acquired through art study. The idea of natural genius still trumps formal education. Moreover, journalists who met Russell were captivated by his imposing presence, his folksy reticence, and his rather distinctive dress. It was hard not to notice him. Yet many of them recognized that the realism in his watercolors was only a means to an end. One writer for a St. Louis newspaper observed that the true appeal of Russell’s work lay in its ‘idealistic conception’ of western life, not the mirror image of it. Russell would surely have agreed with that assessment. ‘If you don’t do anything but tell the truth in stories and paintings, it’s nothing but plain history,’ he told a reporter in 1921.”

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