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In The Life and Art of Charles Schreyvogel, James D. Horan wrote, Schreyvogel “collected an incredible amount of Indian and cavalry memorabilia, from handsome moccasins to battered Winchesters.…

“Schreyvogel’s obsession for detail and historical accuracy never flagged. He met many officers and cavalrymen who had taken part in the Plains wars, and he listened enthralled to their memories of the days only a few decades past when the tribes were shrewd and powerful foes. He also talked to Indian veterans of the wars, using the laborious sign language and his homemade dictionary. He was not content with stories—sometimes full blown. He demanded details. What did the troopers wear? What color were their trousers? What type revolvers did they carry? What were the size and thickness of the stirrup leathers, the type of headdress worn by the chiefs? Were the feathers eagle or hawk? Were their ponies painted for war with the tails bobbed?
“He would make sketch after sketch of the Indians until he received a grunt of approval. The troopers, especially the officers, respected Schreyvogel’s insistence on historical accuracy and tried to fulfill his every request.”

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