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Forrest Fenn, author of The Beat of the Drum and the Whoop of the Dance wrote, “In the summer of 1899, Henry and Addie Sharp were at Crow Agency, Montana. According to the official census of 1890, the town proper had a population of over one hundred people, mostly government employees, and a population in the surrounding area of 2,287 Crow Indians. Sharp specifically chose Crow Agency as his summer home for two reasons: he was fascinated by the history and culture of the Crow, and Crow Agency was located very close to the battleground where Custer had fought for the last time....

“Sharp and Addie’s arrival at Crow Agency could not have been better timed. A great number of Indians, including many Crow, Sioux, Blackfeet, and Cheyenne, had gathered for a big Crow Council. Their colorful tepees stretched along the Little Big Horn in much the same way as they had for centuries. Sharp was ecstatic; it was like a restaging of history. He watched the ceremonies and read the slips of paper Addie handed him as the old warriors who had fought in the great battles sat around the fire reminiscing and relating brave deeds.”

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