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In The Art of Bob Kuhn Tom Davis wrote, “Kuhn paints the way Larry Bird plays basketball: he makes it look easy. There is no wasted effort, no grandstanding (well, maybe a little). No movement is aimless. The goal stays clearly in sight. The tools are knowledge, skill, and experience; because the way to the goal is never the same, it is up to imagination to creatively direct their use. For Kuhn, the best approach is the simplest, most direct one. ‘I get nervous,’ he admits, ‘about a painting if it starts getting very realistic. I unpaint it. Sometimes I paint an area quite carefully to prove to myself that I know what I’m doing, and then I remove a hell of a lot.’

“Bob Kuhn’s animals are strong, vital, self-assured, at that razor-sharp pitch of perfection that allows them to survive in the wild. Always, they are in peak physical condition: alert, well-muscled, glossy-coated, supple-skinned. They are the cream of the race, the lords and ladies.”

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