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Titled in the artist’s hand
Label, MItchell Brown Fine Art, Paradise Valley, AZ

Art historian Peter H. Hassrick wrote, “In a biographical sketch written after Payne’s death by his widow and fellow artist, Elsie Palmer Payne, it is suggested that of all the locations that beckoned him as a muse, the American Southwest was perhaps the most compelling. The Paynes were still in Chicago when they embarked on their first extended summer trip to Arizona and New Mexico.... Elsie went on to say that ‘he returned to that glorious country nearly every year that he was in America the rest of his life. It was the last place he painted before his final illness.’

“Ultimately, the titan masses of Canyon de Chelly’s enchanting cliffs drew Payne to their embrace in these late years. As he returned to them time after time, he sought to reveal their power not so much, as earlier, through their enveloping omnipresence but with recognition of their ability to capture and refract light.”

[Mitchell Brown Fine Art, Paradise Valley, AZ]
Private Collection, Santa Barbara, CA

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