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“Saddled Horse by Carl Rungius | One of his favorite Horses at the Box R Ranch, Cora, Wyoming | a Gift to Colonel (Richard H.) “Red” Smith from the Artist 1950-52”

According to Rungius biographers Jon Whyte and E. J. Hart, “In the late forties Col. Richard ‘Red’ Smith of the United States Air Force purchased a Rungius painting at the Crossroads of Sport and sought out the artist in New York. Smith had become aware of Runguis’ works when he saw a one-page illustration of game animals Carl had prepared for the Britannica Junior. Smith and his wife, Jane, invited Carl to accompany them for a jaunt to Alaska. ...Carl, at nearly eighty, was not keen on trekking across the Alaskan tundra, but he particularly enjoyed a flight over the moose and bear country of the Kenai Peninsula he had portrayed but never seen firsthand, and the three also had a good fishing party at one of the lakes which abound in the area. Most importantly, the trip provided Carl the opportunity to see the northern landscape he might otherwise never have seen again.”

Many Roads Traveled, Jane Griswold Smith’s memoir, will accompany the lot.

The Artist, gifted to
Col. Richard “Red” Smith, circa 1950
Present owner, by descent

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