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The artist wrote, “This piece won the gold medal for sculpture in the Cowboy Artists of America show in 1970. I feel that of all the rodeo pieces, this one portrays rodeo at its best. The bull is doing his best to unseat the cowboy and the cowboy is doing his best to stay aboard. They are both making ‘An Honest Try’ which is truly the essence of rodeo.”

A leather-bound and boxed edition of Scriver’s book, An Honest Try, signed by numerous rodeo stars will accompany the lot.

The Artist
Bill and Thelma Cochran, Spokane, WA (Bill Cochran was a good friend of the artist and the model for this bronze.)

Cowboy Artists of America Fifth Annual Exhibit, The National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, Oklahoma City, OK, 1970

Bob Scriver, An Honest Try (Kansas City, MO: The Lowell Press, 1975), page 77 and front dust jacket, illustrated

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