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According to Sara Machetanz, “It is spring-the Artist’s favorite time of year for mushing. Snow still covers the landscape but the returning sun gives warmth to lengthening days.

“The dog team driver is using a little-known technique necessary at this time of year. With his right hand, he grasps a ‘gee-pole’ to guide the sled and keep it on the hard-packed trail. On either side the snow is soft and unpacked and the sled could sink so deeply the driver might have to partially unload it to get it back in position. When ‘gee-poling’ a driver has a choice of putting on snow shoes and walking beside the pole or straddling the towline to say on trail as this driver has chosen to do.

“In the background is the beautiful Nelchina Glacier in the Southcentral Alaska area.”

The Artist
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Patton, Bellevue, WA 1976
Private Collection, Edmunds, WA, by descent
[The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction 2007, Lot 189]
Private Collection, Akron, OH 2007

Sara Machetanz, The Oil Paintings of Fred Machetanz (Leigh-on-Sea, England: F. Lewis Publishers, Ltd., 1980), p 58, plate 44, illustrated half-tone

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