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Signed and titled, provenance listed

In Spirit of the Plains People Don Hedgpeth wrote, “The elders among the People were looked to for their wisdom. They were guardians of the customs and traditions of the tribe, and the link to a past that was still alive. They knew the secrets of the spirit world and were entrusted with stewardship of holy objects such as the sacred medicine bundles and ceremonial pipes. The old ones were remembered by the deeds of their youth, as hunters and warriors. They were respected now for their commitment to the welfare of the People. The Chiefs invited their counsel and valued their advice. When the young men rode away to hunt or fight, the memories and the medicine of the old ones went with them.”

The Artist, gifted to
Marlies Terpning, Christmas 1975, gifted to
Susan Terpning, Dec 1987

Cowboy Artist Museum, Kerrville, TX, May-Oct 1985
The Tucson 7, Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ, Mar 21-May 18, 1997

Don Dedera, Howard Terpning: The Storyteller (Trumbull, CT: The Greenwich Workshop, 1989), p 25, illustrated halftone
Catalog, The Tucson 7 (Tucson, AZ: Tucson Museum of Art, 1997), p 63, illustrated

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