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Signed and titled
Label, Cowboy Artists of America with signature and title

According to Western art historian Michael Duty, “On the most literal level, Ken’s paintings are grounded in a specific time period, but on a deeper level, they are timeless. They reflect his own deep sense of humanity and, like all great art, they connect the viewer to the world at large. They allow or even prompt each of us to step into another world and in doing so, we are able to contemplate our own nature and environment from a new perspective. Riley’s paintings capture both a strong and dramatic narrative sense, but all have a symbolic presence as well. His unique sense of design, use of color and choice of subject all combine to convey a whole world of meaning at once.”

Cowboy Artists of America Thirty-Third Annual Exhibition, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ, Oct 23-Nov 21, 1998

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